Welcome to Normal - Connecting Web2 and Web3

Welcome to Normal - Connecting Web2 and Web3
Joshua Blew
Founder & CEO
Welcome to Normal - Connecting Web2 and Web3

Hey there 👋 This is our first post, so we'll share a little intro :)

We got tired of paying fees and waiting forever to move our money in and out of DeFi, so we built Normal - a tool allowing anyone to instantly move cash in and out of crypto, DeFi, and Web3 with zero fees. We take a unique approach by combining a bank account and crypto wallet into a single unified platform. We've also designed our business model to support absolutely no trading fees. This means more crypto every single time you buy and sell, and no more long settlement times.

Today Is The Day

Since Satoshi Nakamoto first created Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrency technology has gradually evolved out of its infancy. At the time, using Bitcoin was incredibly risky, there was practically zero compliance or responsibility, and the primary use case was simply sending value between two places.

Over the past 14 years though, we've witnessed an incredible community develop around a promising technology for a better future. Dozens of competing blockchains have been invented. Thousands of coins and tokens have been built on these blockchains. Smart contracts have enabled programmable money. NFTs and DAOs have reimagined ownership. Decentralized applications have shown us but a glimpse of what our world can look like using these amazing creations.

All of these advances have pushed crypto out of its infancy and into an era of respect. But those who adopt it are only a small percentage of those it can benefit. There are still tens of millions of people in the United States and billions globally who've never even heard the words "crypto" or "Bitcoin". If crypto is ever going to go mainstream, we must take it there.

We set out to create Normal for this very reason. There is a gapping hole between what crypto can do now and what it needs to do to support mass adoption. We feel called to build this missing infrastructure and connect our traditional financial world with the opportunities of Web3 to support a future built on decentralization.

A World Built On Crypto

Our vision is quite large, but in a nutshell it's to connect people with crypto. We envision a world without middlemen like banks and payment processors that take advantage of our trust and offer us terrible products.

Instead, we see a world with personal finance rooted in the security and freedom of a crypto wallet and commerce in mutual trust built upon those foundations where consumers and merchants interact directly.

To accomplish this mission, we must first build a bridge between Web2 and Web3. Only then can we begin removing this bridge and migrating to a fully decentralized world.

We're beginning this process by building the absolute best crypto experience for individuals like you and us. This creation is founded upon these 5 pillars:

  • Free and instant conversion between fiat and crypto
  • Easier private key and wallet security management
  • Searchable wallet address discovery
  • Traditional financial tools reinvented using DeFi
  • All while still being able to spend, send, and earn from a bank account and debit card

These features will create an experience like no other and attract millions to adopt crypto who've been waiting for an easier and more practical solution. They also build a foundation for us to create similar solutions for businesses and to one day connect consumers and merchants together directly without middlemen.

A Unique Approach

If you've read this far, you're probably getting very excited but also wondering how in the world this is even possible. That's a great question!

We've intentionally designed our business model and platform to be sustainable without trading fees. This allows us to give you the best trading experience ever created and our team the ability to move and create faster than anyone else in this space.

By building from the ground up, we're able to learn from the mistakes of those who've gone before us and create a wildly better platform...

Join Our Movement

If you're as excited as we are about everything we shared here and how we plan to revolutionize crypto, let's connect!

Join us on Discord: https://link.normalfinance.io/discord

Access our private beta: https://www.normalfinance.io/

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