The crypto you

want — without

the fees

Instantly get cash in and out of crypto, DeFi, and Web3 with absolutely zero fees

Crypto, made
easy peasy

Trade with zero fees
Tired of trading fees? So were we. So we got rid of them - completely! Grow your portfolio with extra crypto on every trade.
Send and swap immediately
It's your money - use it when you want. No 5 to 7 day settlement times, just pure and beautiful blockchain.
Web3 at your fingertips
Chasing the Metaverse and DeFi yields is exhausting. Invest and manage everything from one place.
Banking how you like it

No hidden fees, no overdraft fees, no account minimums, and no robot support. Just a simple experience.

Instantly add funds to your favorite dApps and Web3

No more waiting to send funds with Coinbase. Buy crypto in seconds and send it to the best dApps even faster!

Fund your wallets
in seconds

Sync external wallets for instant delivery and complete token and NFT management.

Built for security first

Fast and simple investing, with industry leading security keeping everything safe.

MPC Technology

Spreading the keys to the kingdom across multiple signers.

AES-256 Encryption

Wanna hack us? You won't live long enough.

Air Gapped Recovery

Backup plans so safe you don't even know they exist.

Loved by crypto degens

Alexander Joubran
When my buddy told me about Normal I just knew I had to get onboard! It's totally changed my outlook on crypto and I'm proud to share them with my friends.
Your app is freaking killer guys!! So quick to setup and nice that I can trade instantly but also spend just as fast.
We are so happy to announce our partnership with Normal! We've been using them for a while and there's no better service combining the traditional banking services with the crypto world! From the zero trading fees in crypto to no overdraft fees on your account, Normal is taking everything you worry about with banking and putting your mind at ease. We love using them and want our citizens to head over to to sign up to one of the best banking services.
Devin Kopp
Normal saves me time and money - all while being as easy to use as my traditional banking apps.
Amazing project! The ability to buy with fiat and use on chain immediately is game changing.
My transactions and setup went smooth, love what y’all are doing! Did 2 transactions from the wallet to BTC & ETH. Went through pretty much instantly!
Stefano Calandriello
Truly an inspiration in the space and such a great motivator to build our project - Pizza Wallet - alongside Normal.
Justin Benjamin
The Normal app is revolutionary and will empower individuals' finances like never before. We're building something special.