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Normal combines the convenience of digital banking with powerful innovation in crypto. We enable crypto investors with zero-fee trading, instant settlement, and all your favorite banking features.

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Minimum Balance
Maintenance Fee
Interest Rate
0.01%0.10%0.50%Up to 9%
Interest Accessibility
Overdraft Fee
ATM Locations
Crypto Deposits
Instant Web3 Access

Questions & Answers

  • We have the ability to choose what fees get charged when you buy and sell crypto with Normal. We created Normal because we were tired of paying 2-3% in fees on Coinbase, so we made it entirely free to trade! We make money from the interchange fee the bank collects on your debit card transactions, which enables us to make all crypto trading 100% free.

  • Normal is entirely free to use. No account minimums, hidden fees, overdraft charges, or transfer costs.

  • Yes. All of the fiat in your bank account is fully protected by the FDIC. Any crypto you hold is securely held by the #1 crypto custodian in the industry and is protected from theft and security breaches. In the future, our wallet will be non-custodial so you have complete control over your crypto.

  • We currently support the following tokens (in no specific order): Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, DogeCoin, and USD Coin. This will soon include Solana, Tether, and others. When we release our custom wallet, asset support will be in the hundreds.

  • Whenever you please. We give you back the power to your money. Spend with your debit card whenever you'd like. Send or withdraw your money instantly and for free.

  • From an ATM just like your current bank. Access our network of over 55,000 ATMs nationwide for fast and free ATM withdrawals.

  • No. We currently don't support cash deposits, but plan to add it soon. However, there are many ways you can make a deposit into your account: Remote check deposit, Online transfers & direct deposit, Crypto deposits, and Wire transfers.

  • There isn't one :) The new technology behind crypto and the blockchain have made these benefits possible. Your bank is too slow and too greedy to implement them effectively. That's why we created Normal - to empower you with your finances.

  • Click here to open your account today. You'll be given an Account and Routing number, which you can use to update your payroll direct deposit. You can also fund your account from another bank, a debit card, or with crypto.

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