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We're bridging the gap between the real world and decentralized finance, helping people escape corporate America and grow true wealth.

Our story

Our story begins very similar to yours. We discovered Bitcoin in its early years and fell in love with the idea of seamless transactions and a new form of technology freeing us from the weight of a horrible financial system. As crypto expanded, we continued to explore the new projects and innovations with excitement. Crypto became a much larger part in our lives and we realized there were many inefficiencies in the way things were being done and barriers to the ultimate growth and spread of this technology.

There are many missing pieces of infrastructure within the crypto ecosystem. We believe there are three things we must be able to do with crypto before it can become mainstream:

  1. 1. Get your paycheck
  2. 2. Spend money
  3. 3. Send and receive money

For the past 10 years, crypto has gotten really good at #3, but lacked in the other two areas. So we decided to create a new platform that would solve all three effortlessly. We envision a future where banks don’t exist and your crypto wallet is your key to growing wealth and managing your finances. To get there, we must first build a bridge between traditional banking and crypto, and later transition to a completely decentralized platform.

We got tired of paying crazy fees and waiting forever to buy, sell, and use our crypto on exchanges like Coinbase, so we built Normal to seamlessly combine digital banking with free and fast crypto trading.

The humans behind Normal


Joshua Blew

Founder & CEO

DePaul '23 · #2 employee @ Finotta & Lead Software Engineer · 7+ yrs coding · 3+ yrs building crypto


Justin Benjamin

Head of Strategy

Northwestern '23 · 6yrs crypto investor and builder · Growth @ CoinFlip, Supperclub, and DeFi United.


Brian Wang

Senior Fullstack Engineer

PhD @ HKU · 5yrs crypto expert · 15yrs Software Engineer · Dev @ Gm.xyz, Ante.finance, Zora, & Quicken

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