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Our financial system has failed us. Not just once, or even twice, but more like dozens of times.

We believe crypto is the answer and our mission is to help investors easily understand and access the many benefits crypto provides.

As Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs are approved and institutional money finally flows into crypto, there are a few things we want to protect like true asset ownership and privacy.

We're striving to build fully on-chain crypto indexes so you can safely and reliably experience the benefits of a diversified crypto investment without sacrificing your privacy or ability to use that crypto amongst the broader DeFi ecosystem.

Help us accomplish this mission and protect crypto by choosing Normal for your investing, joining our community, or simply giving us a thumbs up on social media.

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Our team

Joshua Blew

Founder & CEO
Joshua Blew, Founder & CEO, profile picture

Joshua has over 7 years of coding experience and was employee #2 at Finotta. He's been investing in crypto for 5+ years and holds a BS in Computer Science from DePaul.

Justin Benjamin

Head of Strategy
Justin Benjamin, Head of Strategy, profile picture

Justin formerly designed products at Bitcoin of America and CoinFlip, has invested in crypto for 7+ years, and holds a BS in Learning & Organizational Change from Northwestern.

Jake Penzato

Business Development Lead
Jake Penzato, Business Development Lead, profile picture

Jake has 3 years of crypto investing experience and holds a BS in Marketing from Aurora University.

John Reyes


John is an aspiring crypto investor, social media content producer, and incoming freshman at DePaul University.


Chief Doge

Zeal is our team mascot and crypto connoisseur. He keeps us on our toes and reviews our personal crypto investments.

OUr history


Normal was founded in December by Joshua Blew with the original idea to create a zero-fee trading platform.


We attended Antler in June, raised $323K in October, and launched our zero-fee crypto trading platform in December.


Due to the FTX collapse, we were forced to pivot our product. Since then, we've been building crypto indexes to simplify investing.

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