Our Roadmap for Normal

Below is a list of things we plan to accomplish over the next 18 months. As ideas ebb and flow, we will update this page to accurately represent our goals. Our ultimate mission is to better the financial lives of consumers by replacing traditional banking systems with blockchain and decentralized finance solutions.

Q1-Q2 2022


Our goal for the first six months of 2022 is to fully build out our MVP mobile app and deliver it to users. We started working on Normal in December of 2021, so this is just the beginning! We're currently building our mobile app, as well as the backend API systems to bring it to life.

Raise money

We also plan to raise money from friends, family, angel investors, and VCs to afford the systems and integrations necessary for Normal. This will happen more towards Q2 of this year, after we've finished building the mobile app and backend systems.

Finish compliance

Finally, we're working on obtaining the necessary government compliance registrations, licenses, and procedures. This, by far, is the most cost intensive and time sucking piece of our goals this year.

Q3-Q4 2022


Once we've finished building the MVP and obtained funding and compliance... it's time to launch! We've already begun amassing a waitlist for exclusive access to the Normal app. In Q3, we plan to release the app to everyone on the waitlist to get started growing their money.

Perfect the product

We believe in building a perfect product. We'd rather have 10 people who LOVE our product than 1,000 who just LIKE it. After launch, we'll begin making small, quick iterations to the user experience and design to make Normal a "fall in love" product with massive word of mouth growth.


Referral program

To continue scaling and reaching more people, we'd like to create a unique referral program that rewards people for sharing what we're doing. This won't be your typical referral program that people blindly and annoyingly share around. We want to do it better and give users genuine incentives and growth.


Our main product is the Normal mobile app, a Direct-to-Consumer approach to bettering peoples' financial lives with our technology. We're curious how much faster we can grow by creating a white-label solution for banks and credit unions to adopt. This would allow financial institutions to immediately add the benefits of Normal to their existing assets.

New features

What our homepage lays out is only a sliver of what we plan to build. The financial industry is way behind the times, and we're going to change it all. Some feature ideas we have are budgeting tools, account aggregation, crypto credit cards, instant loans, and so many more!

Have an idea for Normal?

Shoot us a message so we can build it!